Through The Eyes

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△ Ian
△ 17
△ Bay Area
△ Instagram: @ianabellana

Wow I feel so embarrassed fuck you!

Uggghhh you don’t EVER TALK TO HER!!!!!!!!!

You can’t even take me seriously.

I’m sorry I even try to keep you happy. I’m sorry I even try. I’m sorry I try. I’m sorry.

irritated af -.-

I feel like shit. Everything’s my fault.

I can’t do anything but remember.

I hate feeling like shit. I know it was my fault, but i guess it was just because you want me to be happy.

When I get worried, I get caught off guard and create a mistake, but when I try not to get worried, I get worried about not being worried, and that whole thing just makes me worried because it stresses me out.

Nobody ever gives me that one feeling of safety except for you. Whenever I talk to you, I feel like i’m talking to the person I love the most, the person i trust the most, and the person who has broken my walls down.